Quitting smoking has never been easier

Quitting smoking has never been easier

Nicotine addiction .

Quitting smoking is never easy. However, tobacco is responsible for around  93,000 premature deaths  each year in Italy, so all smokers should try to quit as soon as possible. To do this, there are several tools, including the electronic cigarette which has many advantages. Indeed, while so-called “traditional” nicotine substitutes , such as chewing gum or patches, are content to simply allow smokers to bring a certain amount of nicotine into their body, e-cigarettes do the job more fully best cbd vape juice.

The advantages of the electronic cigarette: the cigarette break is possible

Among the reasons cited by smokers to explain their addiction to smoking, many speak of the “social bonds” that are created. It is true that taking a “cigarette break” during or after work, accompanied by colleagues, can offer a real moment of pleasure and relaxation. One of the shortcomings of conventional nicotine substitutes is to remove this moment.

Indeed, while smokers will indulge in this little moment of pleasure during intermission, anyone trying to get away from smoking will have nothing else to do. He will of course be able to follow his colleagues to converse with them, but he will often get bored very quickly. Yes, when there is no longer this famous cigarette to smoke, this moment becomes “empty”, without a real goal, and therefore boring.

the electronic cigarette

Vaping helps solve this problem! Who said that the “cigarette break” must necessarily consist in smoking a cigarette? Why not continue sharing these few minutes of relaxation with your colleagues, chatting as before, using a “different” tool?

Therefore, the smoker, while trying to quit smoking thanks to vaping, can continue to  enjoy these little moments of pleasure  in the company of his colleagues and friends.

The advantages of the electronic cigarette: keep the gesture of smoking, but not the damage

When you have smoked for many years, the act of taking the cigarette to your mouth becomes automatic. Some smokers are even so used to the gestures that accompany this moment that they sometimes find themselves banging on the e-cig as if they wanted to drop the ashes! Once again, while patches and other chewing gums simply remove this gesture from the smoker’s daily life, the e-cigarette allows it to be stored.

Therefore, a smoker who tries to quit smoking thanks to vaping, can continue to carry an object in his mouth, to “fiddle with it”, but also and above all to release this gaseous substance that was previously smoke, and has now turned into steam.

Something to fool his mind and  not even feel like he’s quitting smoking .